Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Quilt is Stolen!

Can you imagine how you would feel if some unpleasant person did this to you?

Ann Ferguson from Quiltopia Design had her quilt stolen from outside the doorway to her shop in Maleny last Sunday.

Ann's delightful little shop is at the end of a short arcade at 39 Maple Street, and well worth a visit, with lovely ranges of fabrics, Moda fabric packs and threads with beautiful quilts throughout the store.

Pop over to Ann's blog to read her story, and if you see this quilt or know of its whereabouts, please, encourage the return of the quilt to Ann, after all what enjoyment could you possibly get from looking at or patting a quilt that can only say one thing to you, I am stolen!
I never cross post from this blog to Buderim Patchwork blog or the other way around, but this is such a shattering thing to have happen, and its something that seems to be on the increase as we hear stories more often of quilts being stolen from quilt shops and displays.

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Trish Goodfield said...

There are some lousy people out there.