Friday, February 19, 2010

A Joypatch Pattern Giveaway......hurry to join in

Joy from Joypatch has a giveaway on her blog, it is the cutest bag pattern with pretty little pleats around the sides, held in place with beads, the imagination can run riot with the beading combinations.  I haven't got a piccie for you, but believe me, it is the prettiest and most gorgeous bag.  One version has lovely braided handles while the other version you can make your own handles.

This bag is hot off the presses, Joy hasn't shipped it to any stores or even put it in her own internet stores as yet, there are 3 chances to win a free pattern.  

Just click on the round Joypatch button in the sidebar, and leave a comment at the end of Joy's post, the drawing is on Sunday 21st February, so hurry along for a chance to win and Good Luck.

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