Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Flimsey.......

........oh dear, another one for the pile, this one needs borders and then quilting, but am not sure what design to quilt on this pink and green ummm thing.........well, its not a monstrsity but its not cute either.  It's had a rather - if you will forgive the pun - checkered start. 

The poor thing started life as a collection of 9-patches from a green and pink 9-Patch block swap, and I guess I must have been feeling a bit soft, probably soft in the head, I sashed the blocks in pale pink, which just looked wishy washy, so another round of sashing was added, half the blocks in stronger pinks and half in greens, with two slightly different checked fabrics forming H.S.T cornerstones. 
I just couldn't leave this poor thing alone, talk about prolong the agony.

The result was a bit like looking down a bunch of square holes, the bright idea occured, why not give the disappearing 9-Patch idea a whirl?!, and here we are, you will just have to take my word for it, this looks better that it did, but is it worth the cost and time of finishing it.  Probably not, but it is the first thing on the YOU WILL FINISH THESE before you start another project list, see the quandry? will I break my promise to myself - a promise I might add that is not even a week old, or will I see sense and just turn it into dusters?!! .........time will tell.

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