Friday, April 30, 2010

Parcel and Post

Remember that sad little post about the weevils?, well I was a little ticked and phoned Barilla.
Today this arrived, well more than this actually, replacement of the 5 boxes plus....
a sauce, a pesto and these....
Chocolate who doesn't love a treatie?
My complaint was handled professionally by a very nice lady. Commiserations, an explanation of how it can sometimes happen..........without any snide allusion that it was my fault (as so often is the case if you dare complain in these times) a request for the batch number to 'lodge an inquiry' and a promise of a replacement. Easy and painless. The letter that arrived with the goodies even went on to thank me for bringing the problem to their attention. I'm now stocked up with my fave Pasta and no worries about buying in the future.
Then the postie delivered this.......
a Kaye England pattern, a scrap quilt she calls it, I looked through my stash and decided that as this quilt is a 'keeper'.......well it will be if I get it done deserves more that what I can come up with in the way of scraps, so off to the Fat Quarter Shop to buy some jelly rolls.
e-mailed them for some advice which was cheerfully given and decided on a couple of Bali Pops. Now just gotta wait for another parcel......
Better get some of the pile of UFO's and WIP's delt with before I start.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo of the Day

We have lots of retaining walls around our home. Over the 10years since installing them, the cement blocks have mellowed and various mosses have made a home. I love the way the sunlight brings out the brighter greens in this velvety specimum.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Beaut Idea......

That poor Disappearing nine patch flimsey, that I am determined to turn into something a tad more useful than dusters is still in the pipeline, but a solution has been found, Quilts for the Cubby!  Brilliant! (even if I do say so myself)
This rather talented Guy has built a wonderful retreat for two Grandaughters, little Miss C, not yet old enough to know about the Cubby.
and Miss L, showing off her new teeth and wearing my glasses, what is it with kids and glasses?, do yours pinch your glasses?
Sis, Nan to the above cuties, visited yesterday to launch the project, unstitched the flimsey at the halfway point, creating two smaller sections, we bought some pink and green homespun and are in the process of bordering each quilt with same.  Decided on a sprinkling of Friendship Stars in the diagonal corners.  Sis, a non quilter, was not impressed when I started her off on H.S.T's, meanie arn't I?
The third star is still in the works for this corner, and how about that pink! vibrant!, it's not quite that bright in real life, but to try and tone it down affects the green - probably a way to fix that.....but....
Lunch was my very own creation, assembled from the usual, you know, what could be found in the fridge! Based on chicken, bacon and basil with a dash of sundried tomatoes, what was not to like?,
Well let me tell you what was not to like!.............poured the pasta into the pot of boiling water and surprise.......lots of these little bodies floated to the top...weevils, ugh!
I love these little mini penne pasta shapes and use them a lot, never buying just one packet, usually 5-6 at a time, and storing them in the freezer,  this is the second time this has happened with this brand of pasta, and of course I have the receipt to return them -not.

Was so upset and distracted, not to mention just a tad ticked off, that I forgot to take a pic of the finished dish for the food blog, just managed to scrape the last of the dish together before someone dived in for that last helping.

We needed a bit of a relax after that, so coffee and a good read was in order, Sis bought along these two cookbooks for us to drool over
......they have gone on the list of what I want to buy soon.......sigh..its a long list.

But before you feel too sorry for me....I got this one yesterday anyway
Donna Hay's newest, chock full of wonderful dishes, I feel a bit of a cooking splurge coming on.
I'm down to supply arvo tea at the cottage soon, am tempted to make this beauty.
Lemony Peach Cake, how yummy does that look, or maybe the berry cupcakes....endless possiblilities.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Cherry Juice and Fabric Dyeing

There is a bit of a thread going on in QDU -online quilting group-, about aching knees and stiff joints, Linda suggested Cherry Juice concentrate, Sue came back with where to get it in Oz........there was a little blog link line at the bottom of her post.......popped on over and found this astounding piece!

Sue is a member of the group AQAW  and end of March was the unveiling of their first challenge of this year, Sue's entry, her 'Flora-Ficifolia' quilt, was done by discharge dyeing. 

Sue made the whole procedure sound ever so simple, pop over to her blog 'Quilt Without Guilt' to her  31st March 2010 post, to soak up the info., pick up some great tips and directions and of course, to view her quilt.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Art Quilts at AQAW, lovely and so innovative.

Continuous Band Prairie Points

Faye, from Faye's Place has this wonderful tutorial on a continuous band of Prairie Points.
Prairie Points have never grabbed my imagination, all those fussy little bits of fabric, all wanting to go somewhere else........this tutorial would make them achievable.
Faye came across the original instructions about 20 years ago in an American magazine, but modified the instructions to suit her way of doing things. 
Pop on over to Faye's blog for the full instructions and more photos.  Just love the sharing of bloggers....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fair 2010 at the Buderim Craft Cottage

Another successful Fair Day at the Cottage on Saturday, so many lovely things to see and be inspired by....
All bought about by the efforts of the Cottage members and the Lions Club volunteers, to see more lovely goodies, pop over to the Buderim Patchwork blog at

Grandies at Play

We had a wonderful day together, first there was some quiteish time, playing games while I tidied up, and then we were off, grabbed a basketball and down to the Cotton Tree half courts, D shot some baskets while the youngest scooted around the court on his scooter,
 then there were lots of trees to climb, the dog thought that was pretty clever.....where did you go??
Then off for a walk (scoot) for some along the Maroochy River until we found the boat ramp, what a nice protected little beach, just the place to build a couple of sandcastles and lots of bombs for a great game of 'bomb the castle'
Then they were off.............bombing the castles and then a great game of bombing each other, no, didn't end in tears, amazing!!

Then time for a quick dunk in the drink to wash off and home for some more computer, dinner and a good lie down.