Monday, April 5, 2010

Grandies at Play

We had a wonderful day together, first there was some quiteish time, playing games while I tidied up, and then we were off, grabbed a basketball and down to the Cotton Tree half courts, D shot some baskets while the youngest scooted around the court on his scooter,
 then there were lots of trees to climb, the dog thought that was pretty clever.....where did you go??
Then off for a walk (scoot) for some along the Maroochy River until we found the boat ramp, what a nice protected little beach, just the place to build a couple of sandcastles and lots of bombs for a great game of 'bomb the castle'
Then they were off.............bombing the castles and then a great game of bombing each other, no, didn't end in tears, amazing!!

Then time for a quick dunk in the drink to wash off and home for some more computer, dinner and a good lie down.

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