Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photo of the Day

A bit of a drizzly early morning, perfect for snapping this little sea daisy.
and catching a few raindrops on the leaves of the snowball bush.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Settling in for the night......

Just before dusk I found this little beauty clinging to a plant. He really didn't want to fly away, just moved around behind the leaves a little as I approached, giving his wings a tinsy flutter and reavealing just a hint of hidden colour.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Ever Happened to Diana Trask?......

Well, some pretty amazing things actually, but at the moment she has just launched a new C.D., Country Lovin' with 12 newly released songs.
If you were at the recent Caboolture Urban Country Festival you may have been lucky enough to hear Diana sing 3 of her songs at the Main Concert.
Last night we went along to the Noosa Booklaunch of her Memoir 'Whatever Happened to Diana Trask', held in the Coffee Club, we sat up the back....duh.....which explains the pic, too far away, night lighting and of course one could not be so rude as to use a flash!
Diana is a lovely warm lady and witty speaker, she capped off a wonderful introduction to her book by singing 'Oh Boy' to the group.
A few of us then trotted off to the Noosa Springs golf club for a lovely meal, (I had a salmon pasta dish......major yummo), and more stories from Diana

The book promises to be a facinating read, have only got a little way in so far but am thoroughly enjoying it. Diana has had a very interesting life with singing being only one of her careers, but I guess like so many others I have wondered whatever happened, why did she, at the peak of her singing career, suddenly disappear from the music world?, the book answers the question, basically for for her husband Thom, but I shan't spoil your read, I shall let you discover the answer for yourself.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Photo of the Day

Snowball bushes are just coming into bloom, in a couple of weeks these will just be a mass of white.

The bush on the right had a rather radical prune season before last, we had a gardener who would only do what he wanted and he wanted stalks with fluffy tops, pruned everything with a chain saw!! No amount of discussion or demonstration worked. Anyway, Snowballs being so forgiving they have grown back.....not so lucky with some other plants.
The flowers are really tinsy, it is the white bracts that make these bushes stunners.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foxtail Palm Blossom

We have a couple of Foxtail Palms by our front stairs, and for the first time one of them has grown a rather dry looking seed pod that has literally taken months to mature to the stage where these rather unusual looking blossoms burst forth.
As you can see, there a masses of little pods and I had imagined a beautiful showing, but no, these open almost one at a time, with very few flowers being on view and then quickly dropping to the ground
They do attract a lot of bees for the small number of blooms and funnily enough a lot of flies, now that's a yuck!, and I guess this is why, not only do they have pollen laden stamens, but also a sap drips from the center stamen.
Good thing they have nice foliage, or they might find themselves on the Darlings list...a list that is shrinking as more and more trees and bushes bite the dust around here. Yep, its time for a gardening overhaul.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Action Packed Boys Weekend

Almost too much fun this weekend, the Grandies and I started off with a bit of a shop-a-thon, visiting the lolly shop, row upon row of bulk lollies to scoop up into buckets, then of course a visit to the $2 shop to gather up some games to play, lay in a new supply of caps (boys just gotta have noise) and water pistols and then home to find we had visitors, Sis and her DH had arrived with chain saw and hedge trimmer to attack some wayward there was a bit of this....

while the youngest kept Grandad busy tidying up after a whole lot of this......

which provided a lot of entertainment for these four footed funsters.....

After lunch it was time for a scoot around the local park, where the youngest came a real gutser, skinned palms and a knee, no tears - brave little soul, but a good rest in Grandma's sewing chair watching a movie on my computer was a needed treatie at the end of day.

Sunday got off to a bit of a false start at 4a.m.....but I sent the youngest and his partner in crime, the smallest dog back to their beds to at least wait until the sun came up......then we were off at a rush, the eldest cooking bacon and eggs, the youngest (with just a bit of help) cooking pancakes for a huge breakfast. The rest of the day was just fun, fun, fun, we managed to visit the Cottage for the Lavender, Lace and Letters show, purchasing a few goodies for a certain Mum (Mothers Day next Sunday), then down to the skate park for a few hours of scooter fun and practicing the art of 'grinding', Lunch on the beach was followed by a visit to Bellingham Maze, where we got lost, and lost, and in the end gave up (some of us with a lot of relief) when someone caught sight of the 'give up and escape' gate. Arvo tea and then some wonderful games and puzzles at the Maze cut all too short by a call from Mum and Dad, they were home, waiting - where were we??

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo of the Day

Cotton Tree Park, and a little of the everchanging cycle of life.