Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foxtail Palm Blossom

We have a couple of Foxtail Palms by our front stairs, and for the first time one of them has grown a rather dry looking seed pod that has literally taken months to mature to the stage where these rather unusual looking blossoms burst forth.
As you can see, there a masses of little pods and I had imagined a beautiful showing, but no, these open almost one at a time, with very few flowers being on view and then quickly dropping to the ground
They do attract a lot of bees for the small number of blooms and funnily enough a lot of flies, now that's a yuck!, and I guess this is why, not only do they have pollen laden stamens, but also a sap drips from the center stamen.
Good thing they have nice foliage, or they might find themselves on the Darlings list...a list that is shrinking as more and more trees and bushes bite the dust around here. Yep, its time for a gardening overhaul.

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