Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Ever Happened to Diana Trask?......

Well, some pretty amazing things actually, but at the moment she has just launched a new C.D., Country Lovin' with 12 newly released songs.
If you were at the recent Caboolture Urban Country Festival you may have been lucky enough to hear Diana sing 3 of her songs at the Main Concert.
Last night we went along to the Noosa Booklaunch of her Memoir 'Whatever Happened to Diana Trask', held in the Coffee Club, we sat up the back....duh.....which explains the pic, too far away, night lighting and of course one could not be so rude as to use a flash!
Diana is a lovely warm lady and witty speaker, she capped off a wonderful introduction to her book by singing 'Oh Boy' to the group.
A few of us then trotted off to the Noosa Springs golf club for a lovely meal, (I had a salmon pasta dish......major yummo), and more stories from Diana

The book promises to be a facinating read, have only got a little way in so far but am thoroughly enjoying it. Diana has had a very interesting life with singing being only one of her careers, but I guess like so many others I have wondered whatever happened, why did she, at the peak of her singing career, suddenly disappear from the music world?, the book answers the question, basically for for her husband Thom, but I shan't spoil your read, I shall let you discover the answer for yourself.

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