Thursday, June 3, 2010

Changes, lots of 'em

Things have been a bit hectic in our neck of the woods, 3 weeks ago, our youngest visited friends in our old home town of Melbourne for a few days, came home and announced that he wanted to move back, he promptly got himself a couple of job offers, including his first choice, packed, moved to Melbourne and started work today!

We miss him dreadfully, and that empty flat downstairs wasn't helping, so decided to move my treadmill and other exercise stuff out of my sewing room and into the flat. Gets me more room in my sewing room and gives me a bit more room to exercise. So because it will probably never be this tidy again, I took piccies.

The above is taken from the double doors leading from the Verandah. The sewing desk/cutting desk/sandwich table is an old office desk with an extension built by DS2 onto the front to hold my Janome 6500 - lovely to have a continuous flat surface to quilt on.

Everything in my little room is multipurpose, there is an old singer treadle machine under the desk above, its shoved as far to the right as possible, on top of the old singer is a slide out deep shelf, in reality a piece of press board with tiny handles that I store my cutting mat and some rulers on, just grab the little handles to slide the lot out and onto the desk to cut.

The two pics on the left below show some shelving -common cheapie garage type - with pink plastic storage in the shelves and more storage stacked on the top, also shows part of DS1's old study desk on the right of the shelves, with quite a few of those little plastic storage drawers, books, boxes and files on top. The two pics on the right above show my sewing desk with the computer desk at right angels to the machine. Running along the side of the desk, resting on an old chest of drawers that I store my fatties in, is my ironing bench, again courtesy of DS2. I made an ironing pad to measure and bought a 2 yard length of teflon pressing sheet for the top. Plenty of storage between the ironing surface and top of the drawers for small cutting mats and rulers. The final pic is from the same angle with more of the bookshelves and a glimpse of the lowboy in the corner. Both the chest of drawers and the lowboy were bought for the boys as babies.

These two pics are the top half and the bottom half of the only full wall in my room, lots of plastic drawer stacks on top of the study desk and the wardrobe....All those drawers are labeled, not pretty but functional, I use a black marker and can erase easily if I (heaven forbid) finish a project or want to re-organise something. No more searching for this that and the other, I don't have to remember or second guess, just read the labels........saves me hours.......not to mention the frustration...

So I hope you have enjoyed seeing my space, not pretty to be sure, but it has just about everything that I need or want, including I can play free to air tellie on the computer screen.........or movies.....don't know how it works, just click an icon and up it comes. Gotta love having a techie Darling.


Joy said...

Thanks for the tour Andrea!! It's such fun to have a peek in another quilters sewing room, lots of great ideas to be had ;o)!!
You and I have great taste in sewing machines lol, I have a 6500 too :o)!!
Joy :o)

Linda said...

Your room looks grand. Perfect for sewing in an organized manner. And you have light! And a view! I am SO envious of that. While I sew in a lovely spacious area, it IS an unfinished basement - cold in the winter; cold in the summer - and naturally dark. I have ten lights and lamps in that room! So you see, the good and bad about our sewing spaces are all relative. Enjoy spending time in your spiffed-up space!

Chris H said...

I would KILL to have a sewing room like that! *sniff*... but I don't.