Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dog Cat and Needle turn

Our guard dog, a.k.a. the doorbell, ever alert, keeping a wary eye out the window for 'visitors'
Others, knowing they are totally protected and safe, just loll back and just take it easy.
GET OFF THE COUCH!!!.......just got me one slowly opened eye and totally ignored. Back to snoozville.

Progress so far on the needle turn adventure, I would really love to finish Val Laird's 'Consider the Lillies' free BOM, but........not sure needle turn is for me....this is the third needle turn method tried, it's from Esther Aliu's great tutorial on freezer paper applique, I get how to do the sides, and it kind of works, but the pointy ends definitely need more work. Beryl gave me some great pointers (if you will pardon the pun) on points yesterday, and I think the point on the leaf I'm working on is a little better than the others.......but.......well in praise of the block I guess you could say a blind man would be pleased to see it.....possibly.
Oh and one thing I really did learn, the little pattern pieces?, those little suckers are numbered for a reason!, and thinking you can just 'give it a go' and start here........not a good idea Tonto, got my flower stems crossed the wrong way! oooops!!

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Chris H said...

LOL... we have two darling wee 'doorbells'! Your's look cute too.