Monday, February 21, 2011


We have palms by our front stairs, palms in flower at the moment, lots of lovely pollen laden flowers with bees busily harvesting.
After making the sad and late discovery that I had been snapping pics of a wonderful weekend with a dirty camera lens, popped out to the palm for a test run of the cleaned lens and snapped this pic. Quite pleased with it really.

We certainly did pack a bit in this weekend, lots of shopping, both real time/real stores as well as the net, The eldest Grandie discovered another wonderful site to shop to the limit of Grandmas Credit Card. Sunday Lunch was prepared by the Youngest Grandie, he had a bit of a challenge perfecting 'the claw', the best way for anyone to slice, no chance of a bit of nail or digit joining the dinner with the 'claw'.
He has his own little step ladder for 'kitchen helping', just the right thing for our smallest Chef.
And this is what he came up with, lovely tomato basil sauce. We grilled some Pancetta, grated a mound of Parmesan and served the lot layered in a dish with mini penne pasta. Major yummo.
The day was hot so after lunch we watched a movie in the air con but as soon as the shade hit the garden, the boys and Grandad constructed their own putting green and had a bit of a golf game, followed by some Archery practice - our target was a bit home made (dogs mat draped over a clothes horse - whatever - it worked)
And Grandma was presented with a couple of sea daises, with a little visitor attached.
Now, to get organised and try version 3 of learning needle turn applique, version one was less than successful, and version 2 was just a mess. version 3 - I'm going to follow the wonderful instructions and video that Esther Aliu has posted on her blog
Wish me luck!!

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