Monday, February 23, 2015

F.M.Qing Gizmos.

Was doing o.k. with the F.M.Q. practice, not great mind, but o.k.
Then the weather got involved - how on earth can the weather make a difference you ask, well it's the humidity, it makes the fabric cling to the machine bed and smooth turns become jumpy, stitches lumpy, little tinsy stitches followed by great kangaroo hops - not a good look.
Then Marcia dumped rain galore on us and everything got really damp,
Just a small hiccup, not complaining, so many others lost sooo so much more, a few seedlings and a couple of inches of soil...nothing really.

Anyway, decided to order a Supreme Slider, I have had one previously, but it had a little accident, (somehow or other I managed to stitch it to my words were muttered) the new one is going to be firmly taped down at the edges!

When you order over the net, it just seems to be a better deal if you order extras, spreads the postage. So along with a Supreme Slider I ordered a new pair of Machinger gloves and some of those Magic Bobbin washers.  So now, no more excuses

One of the Buderim Patchwork gals is presenting a F.M.Q workshop on Wednesday, her beautifully machine quilted  'Beyond Art Deco' was hung at the Yokohama Quilt Show, so we are hoping some of her talent will rub off on us or at least we will pick up some pointers.
My challenge for the next 5 days - at least 15 mins of F.M.Q. practice every day on, Etch-n-Sketch, Gentle Flames, Swirling Flames, Basic Spiral and Echo Shell, the Leah Day patterns that I have so far learned and 15 mins each day practicing 2 new patterns, Fern and Stem and Flowing Glass, firstly drawing them and then on the machine.
Am thinking that I need to sandwich up a W.I.P and practice on a real quilt in the near future.

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Chris H said...

What does the Extreme Slider do... and the bobbin thingees too? I've never seen them before.
bummer about all the rain/water... at least you ain't in drought I suppose. lol