Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free Motion Quilt Extravaganza - Part 2

Its the first of the month today - right?, well o.k., its the 3rd and I'm late posting again.
Managed to get a bit of actual stitching practice in this round, again, lots of pencil on paper practice.  I wonder if anyone else keeps falling into the trap of practicing on paper in a horizontal manner instead of vertical as Leah Day stitches?
My attempt at Leah Day's Etch-a-Sketch pattern
Scribbling notes on the sample edges of needle type and size, thread used and settings for future reference.
Using the needle up/down button twice in the edges to secure the thread, just saves a tad on bringing the thread to the top and anchoring it as is the norm for F.M.Qing

Wondered what would happen if Etch a Sketch was widened out somewhat and a second line of quilting with lines crossing over would look like - perhaps a bit like water?
Well, it might, but definitely more work needed on that little idea - qualifies as a fail at this stage.

Practice on Leah's Gentle Flames, Leah mentions on her blog that Gentle Flames is more suited to a smaller/shorter area and I found this to be the case when drawing, will need to do some more practice on this pattern.
Not even going to show my third choice pattern, basic spiral - fail all the way - and that's just on paper! stitching is a nightmare! all those awkwardly shaped negative spaces- ugh!

Next 3 patterns to practice is Swirling Flames, Echo Shell and Fern and Stem, while continuing to practice Etch-a-Sketch and Gentle Flames.  Just so over the basic swirl, not mentioning it again.
Am finding that a 6" sandwich for each sample is rather wasteful, so will be making sandwiches long enough to do 3 samples at a time.
The sewing room is progressing.  While visiting the Brissy Branch (D.S, D.D.I.L and the Grandies) we popped into the Reject shop and bought a pile of assorted plastic boxes for my sewing room shelves and the D.D.I.L bought some for toy storage for the little man, but when we returned to their home, there was discussion on whether or not to return to purchase more of my sized boxes for the Grandies toys, being smaller they would be easier for him to manage, so left mine for them to have a little play around with. 

Not whinging here, am very grateful for what I have, but contrary to the Darlings opinion, the big problem with my sewing room is it's too small, no I don't have too much stuff, and no, I'm not having a clean out, I use all this stuff, maybe not daily, or even monthly but there is precious little still in it's packaging! - well, there is a bit, but I keep that in a special box, way out of sight!

Multi layering is what I do a lot of, for example, the computer desk is a problem, all those cables, thought and work is needed to solve this one.
I am used to having 2 screens, I use 2 screens - a lot
The third screen is actually for the 10yr old Grandie, his computer is an old tower type, located under the desk, I just fold down the screen on the lap top, plug in a few cables and off he goes, which is why the cables are running across the top of the desk instead of down behind it. Yeah I know, such a 1st world problem.

Both the Sunshine Coast Grandies had their own computers and computer desks in my sewing room at one stage - all hand me downs - I'm the queen of the hand me down - bit tricky if one wanted to exit the space,  the other  2 had to squeeze themselves and their chair under their desks - what fun - actually it was fun, we had a ball there for a few years, but kids, they grow into teenagers - and into their own life, just hoping that when those hormones settle and they 'find themselves' they remember the old Grandparents and start to re-visit, texting just isn't the same!

Back to practice...great to read the various QDU posts and hear how others are progressing.

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