Sunday, April 24, 2016


It's been awhile, there have been hiccups and challenges but it's time to move on, and the first thing to do is to get some finishes in my sewing room, so with that in mind why am I so wrapped up in starting more projects?
 There is a really cute BOM, Foxley Village, designed by Natalie Bird featured in Homespun Magazine that I really would love to do, another lass in the quilting group I attend is embarking on the same project, this gal is a prolific quilter...I'm not, she is a talented needlewoman...I'm not.  Needleturn applique is not something I would be able to achieve given the finger and wrist arthritis, however, it is a really, really, cute quilt and there are other ways, right?

Our group is also doing another dyeing workshop, a perfect opportunity to do some graduated dyeing to use in my version of a shadow star quilt, but, those finishes....they weigh heavily on the consience, so, following the example of 'Lit and Laundry'  a list of projects in my sewing room has been compiled and given ratings, some of them, real 'what the heck was I thinking' types, I'm more than happy to turn into dustcloths, dog beds, or whatever, some have merrit and some for whatever reason I just got distracted away from.
So a list, gulp, I'm not good at lists, it's all a bit scary, the whole will I follow through thing? or am I just having a lend of myself? time will tell.

First things to stitch are door silencers to protect the fingers of the littlest grandie, following a great pattern/instructions from the gals over at Teach Love Craft they have two options, ribbon ties or elastic.
 I'm thinking elastic one end for quickly covering the latch but a cute ribbon tie on the other end to look just a little more decorative. This will be a new project.

Quillo's, these are a W.I.P - from last winter- a house move means they will really be needed this winter so gotta get going on!!
There has been a start, almost a finish on a blue & chocolate fleece with cute flannel trim
More flannel from the same range for the little boys
and for the gals, mauve fleece with pink owls for the trim.
There's a myriad of quillo patterns on the net, but this one looks promising, straight forward with generous measurements.

Challenge- our groups challenge, time is running out fast on this little number, it is also a new project - and it needs to use 5 different textiles....

So three things to get going on, 2 new projects and one WIP.....hmmm......not really making inroads on the pile to be finished.  Next 3 projects will have to be skewed a bit more to the W.I.P's methinks if a reward of beautiful Tilda fabrics for 'Foxley Village' is to be earned.

The challenge is to get the Quillos and Door Silencers done before next Thursday - next visiting day and at least a work plan and drafted pattern for the Challenge by the weekend.  Off to work now....